There’s no love like those younger days; we feel the echoes still today. Love whispers into our ears that anything is possible.”


Dan Russell: the artist manager and advocate, concert promoter, producer, creative collaborator, video and film music supervisor; has helped launch a thousand ships (well, maybe just a few hundred!) throughout his lengthy resume. As the critical aide-de-camp to dozens of aspiring artists and proven superheroes, it seems he’s always been in demand through a voluminous 35-year professional career...Russell’s reputation in music circles is one of a man willing to stand unwavering in the gap.

That commitment led to decades of work with the Call and it’s lead singer Michael Been, Mark Heard, U2, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sam Phillips, Andy Pratt, Bruce Cockburn, Switchfoot, Robin Lane, The Vigilantes of Love, Ramona Silver, Rachel Taylor, The Violet Burning and more. In 1998 Russell co- founded Soulfest, the first New England social justice music festival which has become an annual event attended by many thousands.

But, the desire to return to that earlier role, writing and performing his own work, never abandoned Russell. The ‘echoes’ kept dragging him back until finally, Russell deemed one important collaboration or promised business commitment to be the last one. Then, with official duties forestalled, the guitars came out of their cases and studio time was booked to record a series of his personal songs, the cryings of his own heart.

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"Dan, you just hit a highpoint. Great song, great video, and singing like a bird,"   
           — THE Edge, u2  

"Dan Russell's Feel the Echoes is the type of record that inspires the listener to embrace life in its totality. Loss, confusion, love, hope, and redemption all exist in the album's cosmology. It is a timeless sounding record that couldn't come at a more welcome time in our nation's history."  
           — Jeff Schroeder, The Smashing Pumpkins

"Dan Russell's always been like one of the good souls that you keep close to your chest, always careful not to tip your hand. This album feels like he’s finally laid all his cards on the table. It was genuinely startling at first, but the more you play, the more you realize he never really bluffs. Even if he’s holding a gun under the table, i’d almost rather take my chances with the bullet than turn over my hand."
          — Robert Levon Been, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

"An honest, tough look at moving through transitions in life."  
          — Sam Phillips, Songwriter/Musician/Singer

"Good songwriting makes you think about the songwriter, great songwriting makes you think about yourself. I can't remember where I heard this, but I immediately think of Dan when I consider what truly great songwriting is. He always finds a way to offer greater insight into my own narrative through his songs. Dan communicates from a place of rich depth that is earned only through truly living, loving, and paying attention. He is always inspiring."
           — Darren Elder, Songwriter/Producer - The Halo Studio/Crusoe

 Dan Russell, “Before The Guns” — In the end, rock musicians are often the sum of their primal energy and instinctive groove. Dan Russell has brought both elements in spades with his new track “Before The Guns,” bringing propulsive rhythm and incredible intensity within a familiar hard rock template. Complete with a thoughtful social message delivered through Russell’s lackadaisical baritone, it’s encouraging to see a seasoned veteran of no-nonsense rock succeed in bringing interesting ideas to the table both in lyrics and in instrumentals. The results don’t reinvent the wheel, but Russell has been in the scene long enough to know that a tried-and-true approach works wonders if done well enough. As exemplified by this song, he hasn’t lost a beat.  
          — Riff Magazine, Tuesday Tracks

"When Image was in its infancy, I was introduced to someone who was “trying to do the same thing as Image in the music world”: Dan Russell. Two things about Dan immediately impressed me. First, he was a close collaborator with Mark Heard, the groundbreaking musician who had done so much to point out the weaknesses of the “Contemporary Christian Music” scene and blaze a path toward a more honest, artistically crafted form of songwriting and production. The other was that Dan had toured with U2 as a management associate for the  Zoo TV US tours. After decades of producing, managing and promoting many talented musicians (Sam Phillips, The Call, BRMC & others), Dan has finally stepped into the studio and made his first album—and it carries the emotional punch of something saved up and finally released into the light. It’s called Feel the Echoes and I get it: echoes so powerful that you not only hear them but feel them in your chest."  
          — Gregory Wolfe, Editor of Image Journal

"I’ve been listening all weekend, and so far my two favorites are “Is it Love” and “You Came from Somewhere” — "the entire enterprise is a worthy capstone to a career of service to music and good faith."  
          — Steve Taylor, Musician

"It’s great to hear my old friend Dan Russell following his heart by making music, not only promoting concerts! I hear echoes of his friends from U2 in much of his music. It’s certainly a good listen."
          — John Michael Talbot, Little Portion Hermitage

"It's such a joy to hear a voice that has been a constant encouragement and inspiration to so many incredible artists though the years put to melody at last! Dan has always oozed love, honesty, soul, and vibe, and the batch of songs that he delivers in his debut album does the same."   
          — Jon Jameson, Delta Spirit

"After more than 35 years has deployed to hundreds of other artists (like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sam Philips, Mark Heard, U2, and The Violet Burning) to help, singer/songwriter Dan Russell finally released his first solo album. This is a long-cherished wish of this popular American (co-organizer of the famous ' SoulFest ' festival). All those years he had the desire for its own work. This continued to haunt him like an echo and thus is equal the title clear. "Feel The Echoes" was brilliantly produced by Michael j. Pritzl. The music on the Cd is a special mix of the typical Violet Burning sound with the separate voiced by Dan, who occasionally is Leonard Cohen. His son Jesse plays drums and Pritzl took the guitar work. Vocal contributions are there of, among others, Rachel Taylor and Ramona Silver. The texts of the twelve songs are all autobiographical and reflect a personal journey that lasts for years. ' You Came From Somewhere ' tells about an experience of love. ' Before The Guns ' is a renewed political nod to George Bush in the invasion of Iraq. ' Naive ' is a cynical look at the world through a contemporary of Jesus. A beautiful album that ordering is via his site."
          — Ben Scholten, Sjofar Publication

On the charts..

-In 10 weeks, Dan Russell's album, "Feel The Echoes" has received airplay from 60 radio stations in 30 states and provinces across North America. The album has been on the AMA's prestigious Americana chart for 5 weeks in a row and debuted on the national Relix radio chart at #26, alongside such artists as Gregg Allman, Robert Plant, and Jackie Greene."


#355 AMA | Week of 12.04.17

#26 Relix/Jambands | Week of 11.28.17 | READ HERE

#358 AMA | Week of 11.27.17

#10 The Alternate Root | Week of 10.11.17 | READ HERE

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